Our Tradition

Yogasannidhi offers classes for everyone based on their requirements in a comprehensive and holistic way. Our teachers have had the fortune of studying and practising yoga in the tradition of Acharya Sri.T. Krishnamacharya. A pioneer in Yoga therapy and known for his knowledge in all the schools of Vedas, Acharya Krishnamacharya was a complete healer and a teacher who devoted his life to the practice and study of yoga. Our work emphasizes the most important aspect of his teaching that is to teach what is appropriate for the student according to his or her individual need at any given time.


Sri.T.K.V.Desikachar, son and student of Yoga Acharya Sri T.Krishnamacharya, led an extraordinary life of service and healing. Drawing on his father’s teachings, Sri.Desikachar went on to develop Viniyoga, a highly individualized approach to yoga that tailors the practice to each student’s specific physical condition, emotional state, age, cultural background, and interests. This aspect of individuality, an element key to his father's teachings, was also central to Sri.Desikachar's approach. The main goal of this method was to make yoga accessible to anyone interested in practicing yoga, regardless of their physical condition or limitations. In his lifetime, Sri.Desikachar transformed the way yoga is practiced and making a real difference to many, many lives by adapting the practice of yoga to the individual and not the other way around.


Anuradha Swami

Anuradha Swami holds Two Master’s Degrees in History and Yoga.Apart from being a teaching faculty after the successful completion of the two year post graduate diploma program at Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM), she served as Assistant Director of KYM-Mitra for nearly a decade, Read More..

Srinivasan Rajagopalan

Srinivasan started his professional career two decades back as an Engineer, having done Computer Science Engineering from Anna University. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Yoga. Being a seeker of knowledge specially in Indian systems of philosophy, a conducive environment led him Read More..


Yogasannidhi is supported by a team of teachers who by devoting their time and energy with their incredibIe quality of teaching help us in creating an impactful learning atmosphere. Extremely dedicated and having honed their craft for at least 15-30 years, their teaching has deep roots and the depth of knowledge in bringing the application of yoga to each individual respecting their physical, mental and emotional health needs.

Approach to Classes

Every session be it individual or group at Yogasannidhi is customized with specific focus. After each session of practice in class and regular practice at home, we ask students on how they feel at their work - at home or at office and in the latter part of their day. We are not asking them for feedback about the class, per se, but how the practice helps not only at their physical level but also at their emotional levels, clarity of thinking and general attitude. This helps us and the students see the impact the classes are making on them.


All the programs, courses and classes offered at our centre can also be conducted on site. Our team of qualified faculty bring yoga classes on days and timings convenient to the participants at their own premises, residential association halls, community halls, workplace conference halls thus bringing the benefits of yoga to a broader spectrum of people.