Outreach – Exploring the Benefits of Yoga

Yogasannidhi seeks to bring the benefits of yoga and yoga therapy in a broader spectrum by reaching out to people cutting across socio-economic lines, through Yogasannidhi Charitable Trust. Started in 2019, the trust offers outreach programs in collaboration with social-work organizations and like-minded institutions, in bringing yoga therapy both as an alternate and also as a complementary healing approach, for the physically, economically and socially lesser privileged.

As we look ahead to the new decade, Yogasannidhi Charitable Trust aims to serve individuals of all socio-economic groups and backgrounds through integrated healing systems (IHS), community outreach, education, and research that will help children, youth, adults and seniors, embrace a life of health and well being. An integrated approach places the individual at the center of care and addresses the complete range of physical, emotional, mental, social and environmental influences that affect a person’s health and wellbeing. We are focusing on expanding our therapeutic offerings in which we would blend complementary healing systems in the most effective manner to ensure that every individual who comes to us gets back to a state of holistic wellness.

Our integrated health and healing services include

Yoga Therapy

Individualized therapy classes catering to an individual’s physical, mental and emotional health requirements.


Consultation, medicines and therapy – panchakarma.


Diet, Thokkanam (Varma therapeutic massage) and Yogic exercise.

Vedic Chanting

Teaching health, healing and customized chants for enhancing the overall health of an individual.

Training Programs

Teacher training and Therapy training programs. The syllabus of the comprehensive training programs would include Theory and Practice of Asana, Pranayama and Dhyana, Study of Anatomy and Physiology in the context of Yoga, Ayurvedic principles and concepts related to Yoga, Indian Philosophy, Learning the essence of the concepts from the classical Yoga texts – Yoga Sutra, Hata Yoga Pradipika and Yoga Rahasya.