“Health for All” – Our Commitment to Serving All People without Financial Barriers

All people aspire to receive quality and affordable health care. Our focus is to ensure that all individuals and communities have access to our exemplary and personalized health care services which is burdenless in cost and quality that would help people get what they need most in life – optimal health, which would help create healthier communities and put a healthy mind, body and environment within reach of everyone.

Our aim is to offer projects, programs and workshops, through yearly implementation, to the physically, economically and the socially lesser privileged communities, under the following categories.

Health for all –  Projects, Programs, Workshops

Addressing the health needs of the lesser privileged children, adults and senior citizens, by offering therapeutic and preventive care services, in individual as well as in group settings, in rural communities, small towns and cities, through our community outreach programs.

Enhancing promotive and curative care access through on site health camps, projects and workshops to prevent and reduce lifestyle disorders, (focusing on Diabetes, Hypertension, Respiratory disorders, Obesity, Sleep disturbances, Stress & Depression) to have better health and quality of life, including reduction in pain, fatigue and stress.

To bring awareness on gynaecological health and hygiene to an expanded population of girls and women, by way of communication and education and to provide effective therapeutic services for their menstrual disorders and its connected issues like obesity, psychological distress and sleep disturbances, in collaboration with Social Service Organizations and like minded Institutions, Hospitals and Health Clinics, which would help them manage menstruation with dignity and without discomfort or fear, and to overcome the many difficulties and challenges they face at home, schools and work places.

To collaborate with Non-governmental, Social Work Organizations and like – minded Institutions in providing yoga therapy as a complementary and integrative healing approach for physically challenged, for those with special needs and developmental challenges.

To create a new generation of trained and skilled yoga therapists, who would help serve the community, in bringing positive changes in people’s lives by helping them become healthier and more balanced. For this the trust would identify economically lesser privileged adults who are committed, and provide them training programmes and continuing education of the highest standards in Yoga, and Yoga therapy with emphasis on essential foundations, techniques, expertise and skills required for quality teaching and healing. Our training programs would focus on each and every participant to ensure they develop the most important skills and abilities needed to become a competent therapist, so that they can provide effective therapeutic services, for the health and well-being of the community they serve.

By undertaking research projects which would a) help information dessimination, for improving public health awareness, on preventive and curative health care, by addressing major symptoms, illnesses, and their management b) enable people to increase control over their own health,  c) bring out benefits of our evidence-based customized therapeutic services.